Scorpion 8 fails to start

After installing Scorpion 8 the following error message is received:

* The application failed to initialize properly or .net is not working properly

Try the new Scorpion 8 Extentions Installer to fix the problem.

This error message is most probably due to missing/old Microsoft Runtime libraries incompatible with Scorpion 8 and python 2.6.

To correct the problem try the following in sequence :

  1. Install Microsoft Vs-2005 sp1  Runtimes
  2. Install Python 2.6.x
    • Link to download python 2.6 installation guide  here
  3. Read and apply the Scorpion 8 Installation Tutorial – click here to download…
If everything fails send an e-mail to

The error message is most likely to be received when upgrading older XP machines.

Final checklist:

  • Deinstall previous Scorpion 8 versions
    • Check software version in Control Panel
    • The reinstall the lastest Scorpion Vision 8
  • Deinstall and reinstall Python 2.6.x
    • This can fix a not working .net in python

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