Where do I find the Scorpion AnOPCClient Installer?

The Scorpion AnOPCClient interface is now included in the Scorpion Vision Installer

Scorpion AnOPCClient Installer available in the Scorpion Installer

Scorpion AnOPCClient Installer available in the Scorpion Installer

Are there drivers for The Imaging Source USB-3 Cameras?

The Scorpion Firegrab.dll camera driver supports The Imaging Source USB cameras.

The Scorpion Vision  Installer provides the latest drivers for Imaging Source USB drivers

The Scorpion Vision Installer provides the latest drivers for Imaging Source USB drivers

The Scorpion Vision Installer provides drivers for The Imaging Source cameras

Read more on The Imaging Source

More on Scorpion Camera drivers and camera support  in the Scorpion Online Help

Important – Bios Setup – Scorpion Embedded PC


The BIOS settings of an embedded PC is very important. On the 90-921 Scorpion Embedded PC the we recommend strongly to Disabled the C-States under the BIOS Power to secure 100 % CPU performance.

Procedure to change the BIOS setting :

  • Restart the PC
  • Press F2 to enter BIOS mode while booting
  • Select Power Section
  • Select Advanced CPU Control
  • Disable C-States
  • Press F10 to save settings and exit BIOS
  • Reboot the computer


Important BIOS change - disable C-States

Important BIOS change – disable C-States under Advanced CPU Control

Is it easy to create and maintain custom user interfaces in Scorpion?

Read more Scorpion Online Help

Read more Scorpion Online Help

It has always been easy to create custom interface pages in Scorpion. They can be developed as web pages, activeX control, .Net objects or as Data Input pages.

When we invented the The Data Input page concept we did not understand how important this was for Scorpion Vision.

The basic idea was to replace the need for custom html or .Net pages that is easy to embed in the Scorpion Application. It is used in almost all Scorpion Vision Systems.

The main purpose is to let the profile builder to quickly expose selected parameters to be configured by the operator or the user of the Scorpion Vision profile – it is easy and extremely powerful feature. With data input concept the pages are built on site and often maintained by the operator. This means that they are up to date and defined by the people using it.

An input page consists of named groups or sections. In each group a list of editable parameters is contained. A group or an item can be copied between pages and profiles.

The Data Input concept is also added to the generic BaseTool for creation custom user tool and the ToolBox. This means that the user interface is moved out into the tool where it really belongs. In this way it is possible to copy the tool including the data input gui between profiles.

Below an input page is added to the Settings tab – password protected with the operator password.

Does Scorpion Vision have a device independant IO system?

Learn more about Scorpion IO syb-system

Learn more about Scorpion IO sub-system

Yes – with Scorpion Vision Version X.I we have added a very nice device independent IO system that is easy to configure.

The system supports the following scenarios:

  • Mapping the trigger input to another port when input 1 is broken
  • Adding another IO Device when device # does have any inputs or outputs left
  • Broad selection of IO Modules supported
    • PCI, PCIX, USB and Remote Ethernet IO
  • Support for Multiple and different units
  • Easy to create illumination strobing output
  • Built in statistics
  • IO-system can easily be switched when need eg under testing
  • Support for device io simulation – no need to connect the actual io device to develope the application

Status Panel

The data panel provides built in statistics.

Event Log

The event of provides an easy to understand log of io-event – invaluable in io system verification.

Is it easy to create an image log in Scorpion Vision?

Read more about Scorpion Image Logger Module

Read more about Scorpion Image Logger Module

Yes – it is very easy to create an Image Logger with Scorpion Vision Software Version X.

In Machine Vision keeping up to date Image Logs is vital. The integrated Scorpion Image Logger module provides support for all the following purposes:

  • Store all or only the error images
    • Can be use for offline improvement of the machine vision system
  • Store images by date and time – create a new folder pr week or every hour
  • Delete image files older than N = 10 days
  • Store images of all products image in a batch in a separate folder
  • Create a test image set for development and verification of the vision system
  • Create directory and files name reflecting the current dynamic state of the machine vision system
  • Turn on of the logging based on an external input defines by a master system – eg PLC or Robot.
  • Turn off image logging before the Disk is full
  • Stamp every image with serial #, batch # and inspection state for easy retrieval.

All the functionally is available without any programming or scripting in an easy to use graphical user interface.

Click to learn more about Scorpion Image Logging

Can Scorpion log data to files?

Scorpion Data Logging

Read more – Scorpion Data Logging

With the release of Scorpion Vision Version X we have added a very good and easy to use module to provide dynamic data logging of calculated values and values measured from other input devices.

All functions are provided without any programming or scripting.

Click to check the Scorpion Data Logger Status Panel

Do we support QRCodes?

With Scorpion Vision 10.1 we support QRCodes with the updated STC-0006-Barcode and the new STC-0070-ZBar

Supporting QRCodes

Supporting QRCodes

Do you have a 3D Stereo Vision Lens Calculator?

Scorpion 3D Stinger Camera -3 -72dpi

Scorpion 3D Stinger Camera

To support our Scorpion 3D Stinger Camera we have created this new 3D lens calculator.

This calculator estimates the 3D FOV width, height  and the corresponding  pixel resolution at given minimum and maximum distance based on the following input

  • The cameras CCD size,
  • The image resolution,
  • The lens size (focal length),
  • The baseline distance between cameras,
  • The minimum distance,
  • The maximum distance.

Click to use the 3D Lens Calculator

Do you have a 2D Lens Calculator?

We have a nice 2D Lens Calculator – it is located at Scorpion Support Web.

2D Lens Calculator

Click to use the 2D Lens Calculator