How to retrieve image size from python?

import arr

img = GetImageMatr('Image')
ROWS,COLS = img.dim()
print 'image size ',ROWS,COLS

How to activate Live Video?

The Scorpion System Registers contains a property LiveVideo

* SetBoolValue(‘System.LiveVideo’, 1 )

will activate Live Video

Deactivating Live Video is left as an exercise to the user

What is Scorpion Startup Options?

The Scorpion startup options is activated from the Profile Selection dialog – popup menu choice Opwn with Options. To the right the popup dialog is shown.

Custom Startup options activated from Profile Selection dialog

The options are made available to avoid “deadlock” situations.

  • Stopped
    • can be used to avoid starting the application automatically
  • Central Stopped
    • do not start Central if you have an startup error and need to debug
  • Disable cameras
    • used if activating cameras with eg bad driver
  • Show Event Trace
    • Activates event trace for users to see startup event and command trace
  • Show Console window
    • Activates console window to display console messages
  • Force visible
    • Moves application to a visible position – useful if a profile is saved in a dual screen environment