Where do you find Unibrain Camera Licence GUID?

Scorpion Vision Software uses the Unibrain Camera driver as the default when working with Sony and other fireswire cameras. To get the cameras working you will then need a Unibrain camera licence.

This licence can be embedded on a firewire adapter or in the form of a software licence.

The main concept behind the licensing, is that the drivers ‘activate’ (license) each firewire adapter or firewire camera that is attached on the system and is running the Unibrain software. 

(a) Software licensing: Software licenses are in the form of product keys which activate the drivers per camera or per firewire adapter (customer choice). The GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) of the device must be provided to Unibrain and then we will return to the customer the activation code.

The device GUID can be obtained from Fire-i or FireAPI authorize utilities, as the picture below shows:

The complete story from :  http://www.unibrain.com/licensinginfo/

Locating the right mac-address?

Scorpion Vision Software is licensed software. A license is related to the computer’s network card address.

When binding the licence to a mac-address it is necessary to a permanent adapter. On XP and Vista a large number of virtual adresses exist.

Complete explanation read Online Help.

How to upgrade to Scorpion Vision 8?

The procedure to upgrade to Scorpion 8 is located in the Scorpion Online Help.

What is the procedure when requesting a Scorpion Licence?

We need the following information to process your licence request:

  • Scorpion Licence #
  • Version #
  • Type
  • Other Options
  • User Name / Usage Desription
  • E-mail to return licence data
  • Optional MC #
    • MC is short for  Maintenance Contract Agreement

The Scorpion Licence #  is your key to support and maintenance for your Scorpion Licence. All the information is located at the Licence Certificate. The Licence Certificate is the proof of Scorpion Licence Ownership.

The request is forwarded to support@tordivel.no

How to upgrade Scorpion Vision Software?

Instructions on how to upgrade Scorpion Vision Software is found here…

Is there a Scorpion pricelist?

Access to the  Scorpion Vision pricelist  be requested from this form.

There are three pricelists:

  • Scorpion Vision Software
  • Scorpion Components
  • Scorpion SmartCams

The pricelist are available in Euro and Norwegian Krone – NOK.

OEM pricing or volume pricing is available upon request – sales@tordivel.no

Do you have an educational licence?

There is an educational kit – the software licence price have 75% discount or 25% of the list price. The package is made for institutions that want to build a vision lab for their student. With this package the students will learn how to build the vision solutions of tomorrow.

More about pricelists.

How do I update/change my scorpion licence?

When Scorpion is running – follow this procedure:

1. Activate About
2. Press the licence button
3. Paste the new licence code
4. Press register and close the dialog

The licence can also be updated from the Profile Selection Dialog.

Is there a Scorpion demo licence?

Yes, there is a free Scorpion demo licence. The licence is required to evaluate the Scorpion vision software. The licence is obtained from www.scorpionvision.com.

Where do I purchase Scorpion?

Scorpion Vision Software are normally sold to System Integrators around the world that use Scorpion to make system solutions. Scorpion is also sold on an OEM-basis to companies using it as a part of their product.

List of Scorpion Distributors and partners