Can Scorpion log data to files?

Scorpion Data Logging

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With the release of Scorpion Vision Version X we have added a very good and easy to use module to provide dynamic data logging of calculated values and values measured from other input devices.

All functions are provided without any programming or scripting.

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How to communicate with a PLC?

The following questions must be asked before you select the method for PLC communication:

  • HW Protocol – RS232, Profibus, DeviceNet, io or  tcp/ip?
  • SW Protocol – custom, OPC or vendor protocol

In Scorpion there are a multitude of communication methods built-in and most of this is done without too much work. The most important tool for communication is the built-in python framework and the built in tdvcmdprotocol supporting tcp/ip and rs-232.

RS-232 Communication

There are two choices: Use the built-in RS232TDVCmdProtocol. This is very good no programming option.

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The other option with RS-232 is to write your own serialport decoder in Python. Read more…

Profibus and DeviceNet

This is a “Siemens” protocol. This is supported using OPC. To use this option requires that you buy interface cards from the bus vendors. All these solutions provide an OPC-Server.  Scorpion provides provide general client access to these servers.

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Digital IO

There are many ways of doing this. A popular approach is to interface with the Advantech products with the products Adam-6060 or PCI-1370. The adam-6060 provides io over ethernet and pci-1370 provides fast io based on an pci-card.

TCP-IP Communication

InternetMessenger is one choice.  Can be difficult use – it require that this protocol must be implemented on the PLC.

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The best choice is normally a custom tcp/ip protocol implemented in python.

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Remote Scripting with Scorpion

Using the built-in tcp/ip communication protocol this is easy. The following python method makes it even easier:

def RemoteScript(destination,script):


How to support custom tcp/ip protocols with Scorpion?

Example 23 – Implementing a tcp/ip Socket Server in the Scorpion Online Help show you how to implement a custom tcp/ip socket server in Scorpion.

Example 31 –  Client to tcp Socket Server – shows you how you can connect to any tcp/ip server.

To learn more about Scorpion tcp/ip communication.

What is InternetMessenger?

InternetMessenger is the basis for TCP/IP communication in Scorpion. InternetMessenger contains a a stateless server and a client and can be used to make large Scorpion networks.  It is also recommended to use as inter-application on one computer.

The ActiveX component is a part of Scorpion and can be used at no cost in system used to communicate a Scorpion licenced system.

The InternetMessager is the preferred way to comunicate from another Windows application. It is possible to send text based commands to scorpion and do remote scripting.

TDVCMDProtocol Setup

The component is contained in the  TDVCmdProtocol setup containing:

  • TDVCmdRouter
  • Test programs
    • RS232TDVCmdProtocol
    • IMTDVCmdProtocol

The tcp/ip TDVCmdProtocol is described in the Scorpion Online Help.

InternetMessenger Windows Help File

Download WinHlp32.exe for Windows 7 to read InternetMesssenger help file

To obtain the WinHlp32.exe download for Windows 7 –

Custom TCP/IP Protocols

Read about custom tcp/ip protocols.

What is the recommended voltage to supply to a firewire bus?

Based on experience we recommend to supply 15 VAC to the IEEE-1394 bus. We have ?bad? images from cameras when 12 Volt is supplied. Other cameras do not work if the power is 20 Volts. The power shall always be supplied from one or both of the ends of the bus.

What kind of IEEE-1394 interface cards are recommended for use with Scorpion Vision Software?

Scorpion being based on standard images sources and standards like OHCI and DirectX will work with any OHCI compliant adapter. Even if all adapters are compatible with Scorpion they are not the same.

Unibrain – – interface cards are used to demonstrate Scorpion Vision Software. Unibrain have three interesting OHCI adapters FireBoard Red, a good low cost solution, FireBoard 400-OHCI, a high cost – high end solution with external power and the FireCard 400 intended for portable vision.

How can I calculate the number of cameras to connect to one IEEE-1394 bus?

The number of cameras are limited by the available bandwidth. The following table shows how much bandwidth a camera is using based on frame rate, image format and resolution.

Link to table

Do Scorpion Support Ethernet IO?

Yes, Scorpion supports Ethernet IO using the Advantech Adam-6060 module. This module is connected to the PC using an ethernet cable. The unit has six relay output and six digital inputs.Adam-6060 Ethernet Module

Download data sheets and 3d models form Advantech.

More information about Adam-6060 is located in the Scorpion Online Help.

I need some low cost I/O alternative to PROFIBUS.

I/O solutions with RS-232/485/422 interface to the PC are usually lowcost and easy to implement. You can implement the interfaces using an ActiveX plugin or using Python scripting.We provide a Python class Adam which will enable you to drive ADAM modules (ADAM-4050) from Advantech. ADAM modules are distributed IO using RS-485.