Is there a Scorpion demo licence?

Yes, there is a free Scorpion demo licence. The licence is required to evaluate the Scorpion vision software. The licence is obtained from

Where do I purchase Scorpion?

Scorpion Vision Software are normally sold to System Integrators around the world that use Scorpion to make system solutions. Scorpion is also sold on an OEM-basis to companies using it as a part of their product.

List of Scorpion Distributors and partners

How does Scorpion benefit from Python?

Python is the glue between vision tools and the system states. It provides a unique flexibility – when configuring Scorpion any business logic can be defined. From Python one can for example access the Draw API providing overlay graphics or the kernel API giving access to all the image processing results.

Python examples in Scorpion Online Help.

It is possible to run an Excel macro from within Scorpion?

Yes this is possible to do. To do this install Python and the Win32 python extensions on the PC. The following function will then run a macro in Excel:

from win32com.client import Dispatch
 def RunExcelMacro(name):
   myExcel = Dispatch('Excel.Application')
   myExcel.Visible = 0
   myExcel.DisplayAlerts = 0

What is Python good for?

Python is used in many situations where a great deal of dynamism, ease of use, power, and flexibility are required. In the area of basic text manipulation core Python (without any non-core extensions) is easier to use and is roughly as fast as just about any language, and this makes Python good for many system administration type tasks and for CGI programming and other application areas that manipulate text and strings and such.

What is Python?

Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language. It incorporates modules, exceptions, dynamic typing, very high level dynamic data types, and classes. Python combines remarkable power with very clear syntax. It has interfaces to many system calls and libraries, as well as to various window systems, and is extensible in C or C.

Python is also usable as an extension language for applications that need a programmable interface. Finally, Python is portable: it runs on many brands of UNIX, on the Mac, and on PCs under MS-DOS, Windows, Windows NT, and OS/2.

Where can I find more information about Python?

Visit the official python web site. The python faq contains valuable information.

Do you need help to start scripting – use the non programmer’s tutorial. The latest python versions are found at the Python Download. Sourceforge.Net contains large resources of modules and programs.

On the Scorpion CD a directory contains the latest Python versions. How to install Python?