Where do you find Unibrain Camera Licence GUID?

Scorpion Vision Software uses the Unibrain Camera driver as the default when working with Sony and other fireswire cameras. To get the cameras working you will then need a Unibrain camera licence.

This licence can be embedded on a firewire adapter or in the form of a software licence.

The main concept behind the licensing, is that the drivers ‘activate’ (license) each firewire adapter or firewire camera that is attached on the system and is running the Unibrain software. 

(a) Software licensing: Software licenses are in the form of product keys which activate the drivers per camera or per firewire adapter (customer choice). The GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) of the device must be provided to Unibrain and then we will return to the customer the activation code.

The device GUID can be obtained from Fire-i or FireAPI authorize utilities, as the picture below shows:

The complete story from :  http://www.unibrain.com/licensinginfo/

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