Is it easy to create an image log in Scorpion Vision?

Read more about Scorpion Image Logger Module

Read more about Scorpion Image Logger Module

Yes – it is very easy to create an Image Logger with Scorpion Vision Software Version X.

In Machine Vision keeping up to date Image Logs is vital. The integrated Scorpion Image Logger module provides support for all the following purposes:

  • Store all or only the error images
    • Can be use for offline improvement of the machine vision system
  • Store images by date and time – create a new folder pr week or every hour
  • Delete image files older than N = 10 days
  • Store images of all products image in a batch in a separate folder
  • Create a test image set for development and verification of the vision system
  • Create directory and files name reflecting the current dynamic state of the machine vision system
  • Turn on of the logging based on an external input defines by a master system – eg PLC or Robot.
  • Turn off image logging before the Disk is full
  • Stamp every image with serial #, batch # and inspection state for easy retrieval.

All the functionally is available without any programming or scripting in an easy to use graphical user interface.

Click to learn more about Scorpion Image Logging

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