Does Scorpion Vision have a device independant IO system?

Learn more about Scorpion IO syb-system

Learn more about Scorpion IO sub-system

Yes – with Scorpion Vision Version X.I we have added a very nice device independent IO system that is easy to configure.

The system supports the following scenarios:

  • Mapping the trigger input to another port when input 1 is broken
  • Adding another IO Device when device # does have any inputs or outputs left
  • Broad selection of IO Modules supported
    • PCI, PCIX, USB and Remote Ethernet IO
  • Support for Multiple and different units
  • Easy to create illumination strobing output
  • Built in statistics
  • IO-system can easily be switched when need eg under testing
  • Support for device io simulation – no need to connect the actual io device to develope the application

Status Panel

The data panel provides built in statistics.

Event Log

The event of provides an easy to understand log of io-event – invaluable in io system verification.

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