How to upgrade to Scorpion Vision 9?

Scorpion Vision Software 9.0 released in August 2011, is a major release.

The following points apply when you upgrade your existing Scorpion Vision Software solution to 9.0:

  • Version 9.0 will not accept any previous licenses.
  • Licenses purchased after July 1, 2011 can be upgraded free of charge before December 31, 2011.
  • Upgrades must be purchased from Tordivel AS.
  • When installing Scorpion on  computer running a previous version – a new program directory …\…\Scorpion 9 is created.
    • The user can thus choose to run Scorpion 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 on the upgraded computer.
    • Multiple versions of Scorpion can coexist on the same computer.
  • Profiles created by previous version  are manually transferred to Scorpion 9.0 profile directory using file copy or Scorpion restore / backup functions.
    • Scorpion will automatically migrate the profile to version 8.0 when started.
    • Note that the default Scorpion 9.0 profile directory is located under MyDocuments.

Fill out the Scorpion Licence Upgrade Form

Why is there a new SPBEditor in Scorpion 9.0?

The new editor supports the new binary spb format in Scorpion Vision Software 9.0. The new binary format is lot faster when working with larger spb-files.

New SpbEditor

The following is important when working with the SPBEditor:

  • XML tab converts the new binary format
  • In the XML you can edit, replace and change every aspect of the SPB
The tag Version is used to record the Scorpion version used to save the SPB.