Scorpion Vision Support Procedure and Checklist

Scorpion Vision Software is a proven framework for creating machine vision solutions. Using Scorpion Vision Software normally reduces the deployment phase of a vision system. We are eager to support the difficult phase of deployment of Scorpion Vision Solutions. Customer with a valid service or software maintenance agreement have the right get priority and the attention from the Scorpion Vision Systems experts.

Use this form to request support or send an e-mail to

Information Required to process the request

To be able provide efficient help we need the following information:

  • Company – Name – e-mail address
  • Maintenance Contract # – optional
  • System Information
    • Operating System
    • Available disk space
    • Memory installed
    • Available memory after starting the Scorpion System
      • use task manager to measure the memory
  • Scorpion Information
    • Scorpion Version and build #
    • Scorpion Licence #
    • Camera driver with version and build # – optional

Support background information

Most support situation occur due to the following:

  • Resource consumption
    • Most likely
      • Disk space
      • System Memory
      • Other Windows resources
  • Scorpion Image Processing Error
    • Most error can be avoided by working in the toolbox
    • Advice try to isolate the error and reproduce in an offline Scorpion profile
      • This gives us at support a head start in finding a solution
  • Errors in Scorpion Plugins, ActiveX or other subsystems
    • Scorpion is an open framework and can be affected by other parts of the computer system.
  • Keep in mind that many error systems are just symptoms or a consequence of an error

Scorpion Vision Software is a development framework. It is the profile developer that is responsible for testing and verification of the Vision Solution. This requires a elaborate and step by step development and verification of the system so that errors are avoided and isolated. This process requires the skill and knowledge where the limitations and the good features of the computer, the operating system, the camera setup and Scorpion Vision Software is used in way that the systems become a stable and reliable system.

Support Checklist

The following checklist is very useful:

  • Description of the issue
  • System Information
    • Number of Inspections pr seconds
    • Number of cameras
  • System Memory Profile if applicable
    • Use task manager and curves in each Scorpion Profile
      • After 1 hour of operation and 6 hours of operation
        • Physical Memory ( MB )
          • Total
          • Available
          • Free
        • Scorpion
          • System.Memory usage
          • System.Virtual Memory
  • Error description if applicable
    • Description
    • Average stop rate
    • Number of stops pr week
  • Check System Log and console window for error messages
    • Report the following
      • No errors
      • Error description
    •  Note: Remember to activate Scorpion to display errors
  • Scorpion Profile demonstrating the error situation

Use Case # in subject in all mail communication

When a support request is registered a case with Case # is registered in our customer registration system. We use this Case # to track all correspondence.

It makes it a lot easier if all correspondence is sent to with the Case # in subject of the e-mail.

  • Case 20111 Glue Inspection stops once a week
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