Where can I locate Scorpion Camera Drivers?

Everything is located in the Scorpion Online Help – section cameras.

Can Scorpion access SQL databases?

Using Python and Scorpion can access any SQL database from Microsoft, Oracle or the open source MySQL. We use a generic ODBC interface.

The following procedure is performed to test this using the free MS SQL Express 2008.

1. Install MS SQL Express 2008
2. Attach DB mdf file from Example_SQL_Express_DB.zip
  • See mssql_attatch_example.JPG to the right

    MS SQL Server Attach

3. Configure ODBC
4. Restore Example_Scorpion_profile.zip
The sample profile located in the SQL-Examples.zip should be restored.

5. Customize Test script
The user can modify the Test script 18th line. Located in the Scorpion tab Service/Advance/Central.
6. Execute Test script in the Scorpion (Service/Advance/Central)