Can Scorpion process images offline?

One important offline verification feature is Scorpion is the HistoryList.  More information Scorpion Online Help. The history list is used to:

  • Keep the N latest image in memory

These images can be used for:

  • Verify toolbox configuration
  • Save select and large reference sets of images for system verification

Scorpion Vision can easily be set up to only keep the interesting images. For example the FAIL images only.

It is of course also possible to configure Scorpion to save selected images in bmp or jpg format. Jpg format if compression is a acceptable option. Experience with Scorpion Vision tends to favour using the history list to collect images for reference sets because saving images automatically tends to capture too many images.

System verification with hundreds or thousands of selected images is very important when doing system verification.

Can Scorpion handle multiple cameras?

One of the strongest points about Scorpion Vision Software is it’s capabilities to handle multiple cameras. To show how this is done we have made a demo profile showing a how easy four  cameras are handled and the image processing is divided into toolboxes.

Assembly Verification Demo

In this fine demo profile the following tasks are demonstrated:

  • Gauging
  • Color object counting
  • Indentification and location
    • dynamic reference systems and resampling
  • Object presence

Goto to Scorpion Online Help to download the demo profile.

Can we do color with Scorpion Vision?

Yes we can! The images is processed with the ColorAnalyzer tool. This tools classifies an area into a color class based on reference images.

Scorpion ColorAnalyzer Demo

In this demo the area of each fruit is measured and the fruits are counted.

More information and demo profile is found in Scorpion Online Help.