What is ArrLib?

Arrlib is the Image Processing Library in Scorpion Vision Software.  ArrLib stand for Array Library. The basis of the library was developed by Arne Sommerfelt when he was working for SINTEF. Arne is now the Chief Operating Officer of Tordivel AS.

There are four versions of Arrlib supplied with each Scorpion Vision Software. These are:

  • Arrlib – Visual C++ version 8
  • Arrlib – Visual C++ version with IPP support
  • Arrlib – Intel C compiler
  • Arrlib – Intel C compiler with IPP support

The default version of  is Arrlib generated by Visual C++ 8. This version supports all hw platform form – Intel, AMD and other cpus. The Intel C generated version support the latest Intel multicore CPU and is significantly faster the the Visual C++ version on an Intel platform. The IPP version required that the IPP library is added to your Scorpion installation. These IPP library is at the moment speeding image resampling significantly.

To update your Arrlib version – locate the applicable Arrlib version in the Arrlib directory, included as a sub-directory under the scorpion directory, and copy the dll to the scorpion directory.

More about IPP…

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