What are the advantages of a digital firewire camera?

There are a number of advantages with digital firewire cameras; they connect easily to a laptop, it?s simple to work with multiple cameras and they?re easy to change or upgrade if you need to improve the resolution/quality. Other benefits are:

  • Standard interface to a PC – OHCI – no complicated framegrabber
  • Digital error free transmission of images – can be very important in industrial environment, camera mounted on robot
  • Large number of cameras available with prices starting at 75 USD for VGA -camera
  • High Resolution Digital Cameras has a lower cost than the analog alternativesIn the following area analog camera might have advantages:
  • Cable Length – practical cable length with digital cameras are limited to 10 meters without repeater and to 20 meter with one repeater
  • Cost – An industrial low resolution analog camera is very inexpensive – This will probably soon change due to the increasing number of digital cameras available.

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