How many cameras can you connect to Scorpion?

Up 48 cameras can be connected to a single Scorpion Vision instance. This is a software limitation. In the real world we have seen that Scorpion works well with two and three Logitech usb WebCameras or twelve Unibrain fire-i camera or 24 GigE cameras. These cameras can be software triggered or hardware triggered.

DirectShow and Firewire

With DirectShow and firewire you have to limit the bandwidth used. In a hardware triggered images are only transmitted when triggered.  Using hardware trigger Scorpion can easily handle six or twelve Sony sx-90 cameras.

Increasing image bandwidth for firewire and gigE

Adding firewire card or additional gige network adapter cards – NICs will increase the number of cameras that can be connected to one PC.

Scorpion 8 can mix Cameralink, Firewire, USB and GigE cameras in a single system

The multicamera feature of Scorpion allows you to mix area and linescan cameras from different vendors in a single system.

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