What is the best way to get Started with Scorpion Vision?

The best way to get started with Scorpion is to buy a Scorpion Starter Kit. The kit includes a Scorpion Premium software license and a 2 days training course where you learn how to use Scorpion Vision Software

The improved  Getting Started Tutorials for Scorpion 8 is a good way to get to know Scorpion before deciding to buy a starter kit.

The Getting Started section in the Scorpion Vision Online Help contains information needed to get started on you own based on the Scorpion Vision CD.

Where can a get a new version of Scorpion?

Go to the Scorpion Download and register – An e-mail with internet download instructions will the mailed to your e-mail address.

How do I get a Demo CD?

Send an e-mail to vision@tordivel.no and we will ship a free Scorpion Vision Software CD to you.